Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your kind comments and continued support of our work, and to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!

Drive safe, play safe and remember those less fortunate than yourself, during this season, and into the new year.


PS: Check our 'CARDS' folder for our Christmas Greeting!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Gobble, gobble...

We thank all who have taken part in the Poll, so far, and if you have not had a chance to vote, do stop by The Boys of St. Precocious Academy, and give us your opinion. We also welcome the emails and Guestbook entries, and we do promise to respond to all of them, as fast as we can. So far, we seem to be keeping up. If we missed you, let us know, for it was not by intent that you did not receive a reply.

KJ's proof came back, and it was a bit...well...let's just say that he has less hair on his head, now. Impaired Ocular Acuity will be sent back to the printer, for another proof, and we hope it comes out alright, this time. KJ would very much like to get back to writing and leave this editing crap to others. If only... And, there is the comic to be finished, as well.

Because of the delay, KJ decided to include some illustrations in this next proof, and DDM hustled like a hooker at a Republican convention, to finish them quickly. We think they add to the stories, and we do hope you enjoy them, as well. Yes, we will expect feedback, if you buy his book. It's in the contract, just below the part about...

KJ has also put up a new MySpace page, and if you would like to visit KJ on Myspace, just...well, you know how click the blue stuff, yes? He will still be available on the other ten sites, as well, though. We just thought he might need a new responsibility. Unh hunh.

There will be new images coming this week, and we hope you have enjoyed the recent additions. So far, no lightning bolts have pierced the roof of the studio, over the last image we posted. Perhaps God does have a sense of humour, after all?

For those who share the holiday, we wish you a safe and stuffed Thanksgiving, and not in the British sense of the word, of course.



Friday, October 19, 2007

New Poll...

We are still slaving away on the details of the comic, and we have posted a poll for folks to help us with an important decision. Just visit The Boys of St. Precocious Academy, and check out the index list for 'POLL' and share your point of view. You can also hit our 'GuestBook' and give us more input, if you like. Yes, we do actually read that, along with the email we receive.

Impaired Ocular Acuity, by KJ is finished, and will go to printers in November, after an outside numbering and PDFing thing happens. There was an editing hangup, as usual. Best laid plans, and all that.

It has turned to a cool summer, here, and we are thinking the world has been turned upside down, somehow. Maybe there won't be any snow again, this year. That would be so nice.

We do hope everyone is having a great fall, and do take the time to hit our poll.



Monday, September 03, 2007

The winter approaches...with amazing speed.

Where did the bloody summer go? It's been like October for weeks, at the studio. Damn!

Work almost came to a halt on The Boys of St. Precocious Academy, due to KJ's injury and DDM being unavailable for part of the summer. We seem to be getting back on track now, and KJ will pick up the whip in his free hand, to keep the momentum going. We also have developed imagery and text for issues two and three, as well. We know, the cart kind of got in front of the geldings, on that one, but it was summer, and we got excited about these new ideas and all. You know how it is. The beach, the boys, the blarney.

KJ has finished the cover for Impaired Ocular Acuity, and he has posted the cover on his site, at KJ's Books . And, yes, you will even see a familiar face, there. Our very own David Paris was the model for the cover, which was photographed by Mark Abrahams, also of Australia. The book is now on schedule for a hopeful October release, and it will be published Stateside, so folks from other parts of the world won't get hammered by the shipping cost.

As we said in July,our comic has taken on a life of its own, and with the detail that we are putting into it, in black/white and colour, it has become a much larger project than we had anticipated. It's this quality thing we have, and for it to be ready for us to release, it has to be done right. Thank you for waiting patiently, and we hope you will like our finished product.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

New images have just gone up on Kristophe in two folders, so have a look. We have also introduced a new character, who will not be appearing for a while and we are keeping his future role under cover, for now. If you would like to meet the young man who's personality and visage were used for our new Paris D'Agivnon (the tall blond in the 'Size Matters' image in our 'Whimsy' folder), then stop by his MySpace and say hi! David Paris is a very nice sort of chap and we are certain you will find him as delightful as we did.

KJ is working on creating the cover for his new book, and thought he had the perfect image for it, but, alas, fate interruptus took that option away. You can read excerpts of the first book at: KJ's Books . Even with all that we are working on, the book should be ready for publication in August.

Our comic has taken on a life of its own, and with the detail that we are putting into it, in black/white and colour, it has become an immense project. We are still hoping to keep to our deadline, but quality will be our first concern.

DDM bought himself a fun car to tool around in, when the studio makes him nuts, although KJ tends to think it's the cats disturbing his psyche more than anything. Soon, we may hear the pitter patter of dog feet on studio floor.

We hope everyone is having a great summer, and remember to play safe out there.


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Well, now. Is it really summer, or just the beginning of the forty days and forty nights? One part of Europe is in a heat wave, and the northern part is in full on rain/flood mode. Has anyone seen locusts on the horizon? Let us know, if you do. DDM has been building an ark, but the two-by-twos he has in mind might cause a bit of unrest at the Vatican.

Tonight, we posted two new images on Kristophe in the 'Boys of St. Precocious' file. We think they are interesting images, and we hope they prompt a chuckle or two.

KJ is just about finished with the proofreading of his first book of short stories, and we will have the new site for his books up, on July 12th, at KJ's Books and he hopes to have it in print by the fall of 2007. He is also trying to finish three other books, and this project we are working on, as well as... well, let's just say that he is losing more hair than the cats, these days. Maybe he needs a holiday...

We also ran across this little tidbit of a duet, followed by an amazing piece of choral/orchestral music. Great music is just that - great - and to withstand the test of time will require a certain magic.

Someday, Kristie and the boys will sing for everyone. Unfortunately, no one will be able to hear them. Comics, you know.

Let us know your thoughts, and it is much easier for us if folks leave messages on the site, or the blog, rather than email, as the answers we provide to one can sometimes answer questions for many, and thereby save time for us to draw/write. The volume has picked up to the point that it is a challenge to keep up with the emails, and we will continue to do our best.

We thank you all for your wonderful support and kind words. Have a safe and wonderful summer!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Changes can be good.........sometimes...

You may have noticed that we have altered our blog layout, which we hope will be simpler to use, AND, it now offers folks the option of subscribing to The Boys of St. Precocious Blog. Good news, we think. Only time will tell if it works properly, and we remain eternally optimistic.

We should have a couple of new images online at Kristophe for everyone to peek at, this weekend. Unless the cats get involved, and then all bets are off. It should be noted that DDM's felines have a history of felonious activities.

KJ is also setting up his pages for his books, which will be linked to our site later in the month, so that those who wish to may review the sample texts and decide if they are interested in reading more. The first book to be released is entitled, 'Impaired Ocular Acuity, and Other Demented Synapses,' which includes six stories of various length and genre, and includes his short, compilation/essay entitled, 'The Preponderance of Evidence.' Editing is still ongoing, and unless he passes out from rereading and going over his grammar, it is hoped that he will have his 143-page tome ready for publication sometime in the late summer. Of 2007. You know, in this century. He hopes. Keep your fingers crossed, and it wouldn't hurt to light a candle for him, if you are so inclined.

We are also posting new images to Kristophe at CS and you might want to stop by and see us on Kristophe at MySpace, where we have actually been quietly sitting on the curb, since last year. But, since we have been 'found out,' we are now actively responding to the interest from MySpacers. Who knew it would get this crazy?!

As always, we welcome your emails, blog posts and guestbook messages, and hope that everyone's good days are far outweighing their bad ones.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Almost summer....

We still have not managed to take a break, yet, and KJ is about to disintegrate if he does not get to the beach soon. Kristophe is still making us toil away, although if one has to be held back from the beach, it should be for such a splendid pastime. Speaking of which, there will be a few new treats posted by Sunday morning, GMT+1. KJ did some tinkering and had a little fun with some images he is working on, although he will not be posting the images that will go to print. Just a few alterations of same. It is likely the colour images will end up in the St. Precocious album, and a few older drawings will end up in the appropriate folder, later on Sunday, as well.

We hope everyone is having a nice Spring, and if we run into you on the beach, say hi. Just look for the St. Precocious Academy logo on our shirts.


Monday, April 23, 2007


I've never seen so much green in my life, as I am seeing this spring, in Europe. The fields, the trees and lawns are all these incredible hues of green. Then, of course, there are all of those flowers! And, we're supposed to keep our minds on the comic? Are the gods crazed?!

We are still in the studio, although the lure of French beaches does call to us. Kristophe is holding us in-house for as long as he can, to keep us to our deadline, although methinks there are some things in life we are supposed to adhere to and others should be more flexible - such as schedules. Can't convince Kristie of this, yet. He'll learn.

We have implemented the new Guestbook on our site and we hope everyone will stop by to see the new work that was put up, this month. DDM has promised he will post some things this week, as well.

We hope you all are having fun, and playing safe!


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Fever!!

We have finally found Spring and may it do so, eternally. It is nice to see the flowers bloom, and blue skies without rain approaching. Ah, the green of grasses growing. Boys will out and about in shorts and tees soon, which will add to the beauty of the countryside, of course, and a journey to the sea is in short order, for the cleansing of artistic souls. And, to admire some shorts and tees, of course.

KJ has finished two books and is trying to clean up his punctuation. He hopes to print a few before the summer is over. Something to read at the beach, he thinks.

DDM is stretching his psyche to embrace structure, in the parameters of the comic, and his artistic side is rebelling. The cats are not in danger ............ yet.

Kristophe is percolating and we seem to be on target, although one is never sure until the last minute if a work schedule will be kept (I truly love the way the Brits say, 'shedule.'). At the moment, it seems more important to take in some respite from the workday and motor down to Mont St. Michel, or something fun like that. The summer chariot has just been taken out of mothballs and is desirous of some attention, and a road trip might be fun, after all. We shall see.

In the meantime, have a look around our pages as new images will be coming up, although we are keeping the real goodies for publication, this summer. We must have some surprises, non?

Best to all,


Friday, March 16, 2007

March silliness....

Just a heads up for folks, that if you do not see photos on this page, or the bold highlights are not bold, or your message disappeared, it is not you, nor us. It is the inevitable incompetence of the Googlers, in putting out a product change that is so FUBAR that it will take them eons to sort it out. Such an intelligent little quorum, they are. Ah, but that is the new business model of the 21st century - a certain level of greed and incompetence is to be expected. After all, they have new toys to show us, and whether or not they work is irrelevant, and highly irreverent, in our opinion.

Enough ranting, and now to the fun stuff. We've been hard at work, though not accomplishing much, and exploring opportunities as they arise. We found a new site, ComicSpace where the pros in the business of making comics have decided to hang out. The people we have met would blow any aspiring comic-creator's mind, and ours were sufficiently discombobulated, after we toured their galleries. We've posted some of our work at Kristophe at CS with a couple of new images, as well. Yep, we're testing everyone to see if y'all actually do read our blog.

Kristophe is doing well, and we still think we are on target for the summer of 2007 for its release. We are looking for a good printer in Europe, if anyone knows of one who will do limited runs, or POD.

KJ has finished more of his other writing and will hopefully have a book or two out this summer, or fall, as well. The editing seems to be causing him to pull out his hair, so the cats avoid him at all costs. Thankfully, he has two other books he is still working on in which to immerse himself and stabilize his sanity.

DDM is still gnawing on his pencils and trying to get the words puce and persimmon out of his vocabulary - along with vermilion - at least for the moment. He has been buried with concerns about colouring, lately, as well as where he wants to holiday, this summer. Budding flowers in the garden can make one think of things such as this. The studio actually had only forty minutes of snow, this winter. And the powers-that-be (of the earthly variety) poo-pooed Al Gore's warning about global warming. Idiots. If they only knew...

All in all, we're coping and working and we hope everyone else is having fun, too.


Friday, February 23, 2007

February update...

More new images coming, as we continue the grueling process of producing this first publication. It is a learning process, and by the time we get to the printer we should be brain dead, although some would suggest this level of intellect is one to which we have already arrived.

Kristophe is changing, as well, and many will have noticed our new 'Warning' page, which was suggested to us, by many of the pros who have the experience we lack. It should be clear enough to everyone, now, what is awaiting them, inside the website. For those who do not understand, we suggest hitting the 'No Way' key and go do some research on Google, or otherwise engage their time away from Kristophe and the boys. We don't want anyone going blind, after all.

Cheers to everyone,


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nose to the...

Life at the Academy has been moving right along and we are making progress on the first issue of "The Boys of St. Precocious Academy" which will be entitled "Hit the Brakes."

We have also updated pages on Kristophe, added text where none had existed before and otherwise tampered with the goods to a degree that should provide folks with some new sights, though still no sounds. DDM added a great tune to the site, but we felt it might take a bit for some to load and all, so we took it off.

You will also find new links to some great websites on our LINKS page. We hope everyone will take a minute or two, after viewing our little treasures, and visit the other artists, as well. Many will recognize the work of Patrick Fillion, Ian Hanks, Joe Phillips, and the work of JC Etheredge and the iconic Josman, among others. All great artists, and a rather nice group of people, in our humble estimation.

There are also new images posted in our galleries, and more coming shortly, if we can keep the cats from sleeping on the keyboards.

Thank you all for your continuing support and emails, and best wishes to everyone.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Goals & Adventures for 2007

Well, we managed to survive the holidays, and hope that everyone else did, as well. We are continually working on (Kristophe) and it will be an ongoing metamophosis, as all sites inevitably are. New categories have been added, and new images, though we are a bit behind on some of the text. We will also be adding a 'Busted Synapses' section for stories and musings, to expose some of the writing currently in KJ's head. It is best that this valve be released, periodically, and one of his books will be ready for publication, this spring.

We hope everyone will continue to have fun with the images we share, and, as always, we welcome the support and comments about our work. We do appreciate the feedback, and the courteous manner in which everyone has conveyed their thoughts. Merci.