Monday, July 13, 2009


and the livin' is cool, rainy and what the blazes happened to summer in middle Europe? We've had a few warm days, but it is July, and we are in rainy and cool, which is not seasonal. Ah, yes, global warming - yet it's cool. Hmmmm....

In the midst of several projects, we are working on the rebuild of our comic, after the surprising new laws enacted in Germany, about which we informed everyone in our last blog. It goes to show you that there are no accidents in the universe, and had we printed and offered up our first issue, there might have been a reason for them to spank us...or not. As we mentioned, though, we had created this story with several directions available, so the outline was already in place. Now, we just have to redo a few sections and we'll be back on track.

KJ is still busy with writing and working on two other projects and trying to build the strength back up in his legs. So far, the long walks in the countryside are doing the job. Let's hope improvement continues. If you would like to have a look at KJ's first book, which is now available, stop by his other site - - and have a look. You'll get a chance to see David Paris' lovely visage on the cover, if you do. You can also keep abreast of his activities (KJ's, not David's) on KJ's MySpace page, as well. Y'all know about Kristophe's MySpace page, of course. Stop by and have a look around, if you like.

DDM has his toy back for the summer, a vintage Peugeot convertible, just in time for the rain. And, he just bought a nifty original side mirror for it, too. Bugger. Let's hope the weather changes before we head back to France in August. One must have sunshine in France, non?

Thank you, one and all, for your notes and emails, and we hope everyone is having a great summer (or winter, for our Aussie friends)!