Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nose to the...

Life at the Academy has been moving right along and we are making progress on the first issue of "The Boys of St. Precocious Academy" which will be entitled "Hit the Brakes."

We have also updated pages on Kristophe, added text where none had existed before and otherwise tampered with the goods to a degree that should provide folks with some new sights, though still no sounds. DDM added a great tune to the site, but we felt it might take a bit for some to load and all, so we took it off.

You will also find new links to some great websites on our LINKS page. We hope everyone will take a minute or two, after viewing our little treasures, and visit the other artists, as well. Many will recognize the work of Patrick Fillion, Ian Hanks, Joe Phillips, and the work of JC Etheredge and the iconic Josman, among others. All great artists, and a rather nice group of people, in our humble estimation.

There are also new images posted in our galleries, and more coming shortly, if we can keep the cats from sleeping on the keyboards.

Thank you all for your continuing support and emails, and best wishes to everyone.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Goals & Adventures for 2007

Well, we managed to survive the holidays, and hope that everyone else did, as well. We are continually working on (Kristophe) and it will be an ongoing metamophosis, as all sites inevitably are. New categories have been added, and new images, though we are a bit behind on some of the text. We will also be adding a 'Busted Synapses' section for stories and musings, to expose some of the writing currently in KJ's head. It is best that this valve be released, periodically, and one of his books will be ready for publication, this spring.

We hope everyone will continue to have fun with the images we share, and, as always, we welcome the support and comments about our work. We do appreciate the feedback, and the courteous manner in which everyone has conveyed their thoughts. Merci.