Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A new year, and an update on our progress...


Yes, I (KJ) am back at the studio, although my movements are still a bit restricted. I have faith that things will improve, as time goes on, and I thank everyone for their emails and notes. I will answer all of them, as soon as I can.

Although I have been a bit handicapped, of late, we have been putting the comic together, and what we have so far looks great - in our estimation. Of course, it will be y'all who will make the final determination, but we are still having fun with it, and we think it will work out the way we want, now. There is an incredible amount of detail going into each image, and when one thinks about how there are sometimes more than twelve-twenty images on a comic page, one can get an idea of why this is taking us a bit longer than we had hoped. We have included a portion of one image at the top of this blog, to show everyone how detailed the pics will be, and this is just a pencil image, enhanced in Photoshop, so you will be able to get an idea of what we are doing. Add this visual to our colour images that you have seen and you will now have a clear sense of what our task entails. Yep, it's a bugger, but it's also great fun. We are committed to publishing the completed work, this year, and after seeing the first part put together, we are even more excited about what we are doing, so I think we will be able to keep this commitment we have made to ourselves. We'll keep you posted.