Friday, March 25, 2011

No Joke...

DDM and myself are winding down a four-year project on March 31st - one which has taken a huge chunk of our time. It was a challenge we loved and now we can focus on our everyday living, comic and my writing. Ah, summer will be special, this year.

To commemorate our new freedom, we will be posting new material to our site before midnight, on April 1st. There will also be an introduction of new characters we have created as well as further good news: with a small story alteration, Paris D'Avignon will now be introduced near the end of our first issue. One should not have to wait for all good things, should one? And, here is the inspiration for our character to entertain you until the 1st:

You can find the intrepid David Paris (Paris D'Avignon) on Facebook. If David is new to you you can trust us when we suggest that you will enjoy the experience. He's a likable lad, and extremely easy on the eyes.