Saturday, June 28, 2008


We went to So. Germany for a bit, to see a friend, and it was a trifle warm, although it has cooled some. DDM is busy drawing and KJ is busy buggering up the pages and backgrounds, and more images. Somehow, this will all come together. KJ is studying the guitar, again, in a new style - slide blues, and Fritz, the studio cat, has registered his protests by reciprocating with abundant caterwauling in accompaniment. It's difficult for DDM to sort out the 'riffs' worked by KJ and the arias produced by Fritz. KJ or the cat will hopefully improve with time. New images are up on the site, and we do plan to post a couple more, during the month. We are being a bit stingy due to the fact that the images we have created are for the comic, and we would like some of it to be a surprise, oui? Have a great summer holiday, and be safe out there!