Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Friends, As a few of you may already know, MySpace deleted our profile. It began when they blocked us from it for more than three weeks, after we notified them that the changeover to the 3.0 system prevented our use of our .eu email address, for signing in. The path they took us down was unbelievable, and eventually it became clear that they had no intention of letting us have access to our profile. We saved all of the communications and we will be making a rather fun post with a few visuals, after the end of the year. For all of those poor souls who have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with MySpace 'support' staff, you have our sympathy. Since we had already decided not to create a new profile on MySpace, we went for a bit of fun with it, instead of letting the mind-numbing ignorance we experienced weigh us down. It's too close to Christmas for that, oui? Oui. So, we will be posting our updates to our website, via the blog, and we welcome comments here, as well as our Facebook page, a link for which is now located where the MySpace link used to be. It was sooooo easy to change. Technology is cool, is it not? We hope you will all have a safe and fun-filled holiday.