Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We are in a transition of seasons, as cooler air and shorter days affect many of us, while others are feeling a different change in their seasons.  This globe we spin around on is quite diverse and, thankfully, so are the people taking a wild ride on it.  The universe is complex, but life can be simple, if one uses a basic four-letter guide for all that he or she does, says or thinks.  The letters are L O V and E.  No, not lovande, Fritz, LOVE.  It cures, it massages, it pleases, it...the list is endless.  And, yes, it can hurt, but when viewed with the high points as a counter to that part one should always opt for the experience of giving love and sharing it, on any and all every minute of every day.

To share some of that love, we are having our first giveaway.  We have updated and extended our CafePress web items and we are holding a random drawing from a pan in which transaction numbers of customers who purchase anything from our CafePress site will be placed.  One doesn't have to make a huge purchase to be included and this is supposed to be fun, so do not overextend with us, for this holiday season.  If all goes well we may have another for Easter.  DDM seems to think there may be a trend forming here, but I assure him there is none...perhaps.  Well, not intentionally.  Really.  Maybe.

Not everything is clothing related and in the interest of conserving blog space, click our 'Le CafePress' button to your right and check out the details.  As a reminder, our mark-up is minimal and all profits stay within our account for future giveaways.  This is about sharing, not about making a bucket-full of lucre.  We have other activities in life to provide for our chateau and the lovely sailing yacht that KJ just bought for the Med.  You know, the necessities.

Have a fun holiday season, which starts for our overseas friends tomorrow, with gobble, gobble, which many will be doing to their best abilities.