Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We apologize for the delay in updating the blog and site, and these are tasks usually performed by KJ (moi), who has just returned from five weeks in hospital. There will be an update about that posted to our MySpace page as soon as KJ (moi) writes it. In a couple of days, we hope.

We have received several inquiries regarding the development of our first issue, and we can say that the comic is moving along. Because we are using a more complex and detailed means of articulating our message and visual ideas, a 30-page item takes a bit longer, and we feel that the quality will be well worth the effort. It should also be noted that most comics are drawn by one person, inked by another and then coloured by yet another. We do not have that process, as we prefer to do our own styling and colouring, which we feel is the best approach. It would appear, from the fan mail, that this is a good thing, and since we are compelled to create that which we see in our minds and hearts, we must do as we think best. Oui? Oui. Oh, and there is that pesky little nuisance called 'life,' which impacts our work efforts on a daily basis. Whatever happened to that time-honoured thing called 'patrons of the arts?'

Speaking of the arts, we have attached a vid for your enjoyment. Some think that opera in anything but Italian or German is like swimming in treacle. We beg to differ. This is an excerpt from Kenneth Branaugh's 'Zauberflöte' (The Magic Flute). Beautifully done, and the harmony is exquisite!