Monday, September 17, 2012


You may have noticed that we took what might have been perceived as a six-week holiday.  It was our intent, and we had bags packed, animals accounted for, the liquor cabinet chained and draped to keep the servants out, boy next door warned that he would be keelhauled if the plants weren't watered as promised, homes draped to keep the dust down and all other necessary preparations in place - you know, prior proper planning and all of that.  Unfortunately...wait for it comes... yep, a dilemma: DDM came down with an untimely sinus thingy.  Seeing as KJ (moi) is always in close proximity to his cohort in crime, he too, succumbed while playing Florence Nightingtyphoon (you seafarers will get the play on words).  It would be sufficient to say that we were waylaid without being laid, which in and of itself can be inconvenient, if not unfulfilling.  Weeks later, and with many empty antibiotic/anti-histamine/ibuprofen containers headed for recycling, and countless tissues of indescribable condition, we are least we hope we are.  It was not a kind way for the gods to end our summer and we will be filing our complaints with them, as soon as we can sort out which of the gods has email.   DDM suggests Zeus, although I (KJ) believe that it is Thor who can 'send a message' best.

In the interim, we will post new images for the enjoyment of others and look forward to our time off in October, when we hope to get down to the coast, again.  There are images for more than one folder, so have a look around.  KJ will also be posting more images this week, as he has several already in production, to share.  

We sincerely hope that our friends and fans had a more remarkable summer ending than did we, and we hope that you all are in great health and spirits.  Please remember that in dark times such as these it is best to wear a smile, for it illuminates the space around others for whom it is the darkest of times. 

Best regards,