Sunday, January 20, 2008

The rejuvenation of a new year...

It seems the new year has started us off with a flu epidemic. We don't feel singled out, since we have learned that most of our friends are also working their way through this malaise. Better to get it over with early, they say, and we agree. The cats have only sneezed a few times, so we think they will not likely succumb. Lucky beasts.

KJ is trying to meet with new printers, and DDM is working through another injury, which has kept him off the drawing board. It has been a year plagued with physical maladies, and we hope 2008 will be a vast improvement, for everyone.

If you are old enough to vote, in the USA, then by all means do so. This is an important time for the entire planet, and whom you select will determine the outcome for us all. Choose carefully, and let not empty pledges secure your vote.

Best wishes,