Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Changes can be good.........sometimes...

You may have noticed that we have altered our blog layout, which we hope will be simpler to use, AND, it now offers folks the option of subscribing to The Boys of St. Precocious Blog. Good news, we think. Only time will tell if it works properly, and we remain eternally optimistic.

We should have a couple of new images online at Kristophe for everyone to peek at, this weekend. Unless the cats get involved, and then all bets are off. It should be noted that DDM's felines have a history of felonious activities.

KJ is also setting up his pages for his books, which will be linked to our site later in the month, so that those who wish to may review the sample texts and decide if they are interested in reading more. The first book to be released is entitled, 'Impaired Ocular Acuity, and Other Demented Synapses,' which includes six stories of various length and genre, and includes his short, compilation/essay entitled, 'The Preponderance of Evidence.' Editing is still ongoing, and unless he passes out from rereading and going over his grammar, it is hoped that he will have his 143-page tome ready for publication sometime in the late summer. Of 2007. You know, in this century. He hopes. Keep your fingers crossed, and it wouldn't hurt to light a candle for him, if you are so inclined.

We are also posting new images to Kristophe at CS and you might want to stop by and see us on Kristophe at MySpace, where we have actually been quietly sitting on the curb, since last year. But, since we have been 'found out,' we are now actively responding to the interest from MySpacers. Who knew it would get this crazy?!

As always, we welcome your emails, blog posts and guestbook messages, and hope that everyone's good days are far outweighing their bad ones.