Friday, April 16, 2010

The sun is finally out, although the rain returns to the studio frequently, and keeps the ground soggy. Fortunately for our boys, they live at the beach, so life is always fun for them.

DDM is busy with life and making new character images and pages, and KJ is 'building' cars in the St. Precocious garage. We will show you one or two of them in the very near future, along with some new interiors and other images. As we are having to rebuild the comic (see past blogs about new laws in the EU) we have been occupied with that, primarily. Every image we produce for the website takes us away from repairing the comic, so we ask for continued patience. KJ is also working simultaneously on three new books, as well, so time is precious for both of us.

We want to thank those of you for sending emails of encouragement, and we are committed to completing the comic, so worry not. It shall be done. The format is changing, slightly, to include more text along with the images, to make a stronger story, since we can no longer have some of the content we had intended to include. This means that KJ is writing a fourth book, actually. Some call this sort of comic a 'graphic novel,' but ours will have so many images that this phrase doesn't really cover what we are making. You'll just have to see it, we guess, and then maybe someone can tell us what it is.

We recently had a question asked about our plans for distribution, and we feel confident that we will be able to distribute our work to most of the developed nations of the world, with the possible exception of the UK and some states in des Etats Unis, wherein nudity is considered to be an affront to the common man. They are comic images, but that doesn't seem to matter, to some folks. Our legal beagles are still researching this for us, and we will follow their advice.

We hope everyone is enjoying a great spring and summer is coming, so get the swim suits out and watch out for the sun.