Saturday, May 19, 2007

Almost summer....

We still have not managed to take a break, yet, and KJ is about to disintegrate if he does not get to the beach soon. Kristophe is still making us toil away, although if one has to be held back from the beach, it should be for such a splendid pastime. Speaking of which, there will be a few new treats posted by Sunday morning, GMT+1. KJ did some tinkering and had a little fun with some images he is working on, although he will not be posting the images that will go to print. Just a few alterations of same. It is likely the colour images will end up in the St. Precocious album, and a few older drawings will end up in the appropriate folder, later on Sunday, as well.

We hope everyone is having a nice Spring, and if we run into you on the beach, say hi. Just look for the St. Precocious Academy logo on our shirts.



  1. Well, as long as you've got the legs for them....oh, you said shirts? Now how do I get that other image out of my head?!

  2. Trust me, it is an image you do not wish to retain. Think of the boys.

    We hope you are enjoying the Spring and preparing for Summer. Ya gots ta love the seasons.

  3. SoCal Kris, we only have two, remember? The Summer fruits are starting to show up at the Grower's Market & that makes me smile! Speaking of sweet juices dribblin' down my chin, totally love the new preview work you've posted!

  4. Ah, yes. SoCal. West St. Beach, L'il Shrimp, the Boom... Wonderful memories of early mornings at the gym, and then the day at the beach. It was a good life, living on Top of the World. And folks wondered why I never went on vacation, when I lived in Laguna Beach. LOL.

    Thank you for the kudos! More coming, soon.