Sunday, July 01, 2012

It has been a while since we (I) posted a new blog.  Multiple reasons and the best is that I had nothing new to share that would have added to the quality of anyone's life.  I feel it is best to avoid spewing forth just for the sake of doing so, whenever possible.  Hence the reason for our never-used Twitter account.  It is our belief that you folks don't really care what we had for breakfast, and I can assure you - with no intended insult or judgement - that we have little interest in your morning appetite, as long as you are healthy and enjoying life.  Which brings me to something I feel I should address.

I received an email pressing for a response as to why we have not posted much of late.  I assured the writer that it was not from lack of working, but there was a fervent plea evident in the tone of the note, asking to know why the beloved Boys of St. Precocious are not in print.  There was a subtle hint made which I will overlook, sensing the desire of the writer to see more of the boys.  However, it did prompt me to delve into my self, to determine if I should provide information that to this date I felt was/is not really anyone's business. When taking another look at the issue, my sense of this has changed.

What no one can know, nor should they have known, was that DDM has been very involved in something so selfless, yet time-consuming that he has had little thought of anything other than the well-being of a friend.  For several years now, he has been providing shelter and assistance to a close friend who was in need.  Without question he has provided what resources he has available to keep his friend afloat and in good health - a task that has not only taken much of his time, but his energy as well.  These types of responsibilities weigh heavily on those who undertake such tasks and although it has not been a task he has regretted, it has taken away from his work on our project.  I can't fault him for that and no one else should, either.  New resources will take a heavy portion of the load off the shoulders of DDM, which will allow him to resume his efforts - after a nice little visit to the coast of France and rest.  

Perhaps in knowing this, we can all delve into our baskets labeled 'Patience' and await the outcome of our combined efforts, for, as you should expect, I will not do this without him.  

So, keep the faith, as they used to say, and bear with us.  I will be posting additional images for a few days, so there is light at the end of the tunnel.  We are also examining the possibility of sharing some of the pages online, as a preview.  We shall see how discussions conclude, regarding this idea.

Edited to add:  We would prefer that communications with us, regarding the Boys of St. Precocious Academy take place through our blog and/or guestbook.  It allows more people to view comments and discussions and eases our workload by removing the need for us to address each email - most often with the same information as a preceding note.  It will be a great help to us and we feel certain that others will be more inclined to join in and feel as if they, too, are a part of the activity.  Merci.

Now, have fun and get outdoors!

KJ  (and of course, DDM)