Monday, March 28, 2016


A belated Happy Easter to everyone and we hope you enjoyed your chocolate and colored eggs.  To those for whom this is a religious time, we hope you will forgive our interest in less spiritual activities, although, a dear friend and artist, Stephan, would disagree with the premise that chocolate is anything less than a spiritual experience.  A bite of his Dark Chocolate Gateau seems to bring just about everyone around to his way of thinking, DDM and KJ included.

For many of you, who sent very nice emails asking after our health and circumstance, our absence was noticed, and for those who may have been busy with other pursuits, we did take an extended break, which was needed to replenish our energy, cupboards and wine cellar.  Spring is here and in a week or so, KJ will be potting flowers for the patio, and DDM is looking forward to bringing one of the classics out of winter storage, to tour around in the good weather we are anticipating - unless global warming has another surprise in store for us.  In spite of our Spring adventures, we will still take time to bring new images to the site.  We have posted eight new images and hope to have a few more during the coming week-ten days.   For those of you who took the time to write us, during our break, keep an eye on your email, for there is a treat on the way to each of you.

So, enjoy the new season and get away from the computer as much as possible.  Sunshine is good for you!