Sunday, January 20, 2013


We have entered a new year, with new challenges and hopefully, new successes.  We wish everyone a prosperous and joy-filled 2013.

We have made a small change in one of the folders, which should ease up the page-loading for those with slower internet access. 

We were asked if a prize was given, even though we closed our CafePress account and the answer is, in a way, yes.  With the change of circumstance, the outcome could not be based on a drawing from sales activity.  Instead, we decided to award it based on the level of continued support we receive from this individual, on all fronts.  He lives half-way around the world, which makes his support all the more gratifying and we hope he will have fun with our small  two-of-a-kind gift. (For those who are wondering where the other one is, it is on its way to Paris D'Avignon, who lives on the same body of water as our other recipient, but thousands of miles away.  Don't tell Paris, though. He doesn't know, yet.)

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of our work and we hope you will continue to enjoy what we do.  Additional new images will be posted during the second week of February.

Best regards,