Friday, March 30, 2012

If you are returning to our site, you may notice some changes. There will be more coming, in the following weeks. We have updated our CafePress page and invite one and all to have a peek, although it is not replete with all of our intended items, as yet. Those will be finished in the next two weeks, if all goes as planned.

We are also contemplating ending our blog, as it has not created the interaction for which we had hoped, and it does take time to make an image and post information. This would be one less task for our very crowded schedules. We do get emails, but the information is not shared with many in that venue, and we had hoped that the blog would provide the connectivity that so many have mentioned that they desired. This may also play out the in the same manner for the Guestbook. Both decisions are not immediate, and feedback on both is welcome.

Summer is fast approaching and we hope that everyone is having a colorful spring. It is good that winter is mostly behind us, oui? For those of you still up to your penubits in the powdery stuff, we extend our commiserations.

Stay healthy and have fun,