Saturday, November 20, 2010

T'is the season to be...

It would appear that MySpace has run into a few glitches, with music players not functioning, their 'Contact MySpace' option only putting out a little idiot window that says "Oops! You forgot required info' or some such nonsense thereby not allowing you to send a note (a rational mind would know that this is probably done on purpose so that the techies don't have to read all the problem-laden emails), and the inability to handle .eu email addresses for signing in. Although MySpace can send us the proper form for resetting our password, they cannot seem to recognize our email address as being valid for signing in, although we have used it for ages. Rupie and his henchmen must be going through a meltdown of sorts. Imagine, trying to be like Zuckerman. Why would one want to, one might ask? Facebook is about as boring and vanilla as one could find on the internet, and it does not need a sibling.

Sooooo, for the time being, we don't have access to our MySpace account, which saves us a bunch of time, so a short vacation is not an unwelcome event. We'll let you know when Rupie and his boys get things sorted out. We wouldn't suggest holding your breath for more than a few minutes, though. We don't want to lose any of you good people. In the meantime, you can still find us on Facebook (between the gelato and the sorbet) . Who knows, we might even begin to find Facebook fun, now.


PS: Happy Turkey Day to our American friends.