Thursday, December 08, 2011

Holiday Wishes...

The holiday is upon us, although we have no idea how it arrived so quickly. Summer was just yesterday, was it not? I guess it's time to bring out the winter coats and put the top up on the cabriolet.

We will be posting several images in the month of December, along with a new folder for Wallpapers. We have been receiving emails requesting some of the aforementioned, so we diddled around and came up with a couple. If you have any questions or requests, leave a message in the Guestbook and we'll give it our attention. No guarantees that we will oblige, but we'll take any well-intentioned suggestion or request into consideration, when producing future wallpaper images.

We will also be posting our holiday image(s?) shortly and doing what we can to elevate the spirits of our visitors. We will rely on you to let us know if we have been successful in our endeavor.

The best of holiday wishes to you all, and do remember those less fortunate than yourself.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just a short note for November, as we prepare for Christmas. There is not much to share from this locale and work progresses very well for us. We have managed to make headway with the new criteria chance has directed and we are happy with how it is turning out. Overall, we feel that the changes we have made will actually enable us to share the story with a wider audience. Those of you in the 'Red States' might be in for a treat.

We hope all of you will have a colourful and enjoyable Autumn and, for the Yanks: we wish you a Happy Turkey day.


Saturday, October 08, 2011


Friends, Romans, Countrymen,

If only we had something profound with which to follow such an opening. Ah, well, we are not Marcus Antonius after all. So, we will delve into what is available to us, and you don't have to lend us anything. (If you do not know the reference, then we will want to talk to your history teachers! A scolding will be in order!)

DDM and I took a bit of a holiday at the end of the summer (six weeks), to refresh our batteries. Many life-critical issues were demanding our attention and we managed to conquer most of them. You know how it is - ' life is something that happens while you are busy making other plans.' I don't remember who first spoke this sentiment, but he/she hit the nail on the head. If you are over nine years of age then you will fully understand its logic and profundity.

New images are up in three folders and there are more on the way. I just ran out of steam yesterday, so there will be more over the weekend. With recharged batteries, we are back in the fun of what it is that we do. When we can define what that 'it' is we will share it with y'all. We promise.

One of our fave guys left us, literally, and we want to give a nod to 'the Steve.' What he created helps us everyday and we love what he did for computing. Genius? How about one of the gods?

On a happier note, DDM has a new toy and he'll share aspects of it in some of the images that are coming soon. He has wanted one of these for a while (since he was 14) and now he has it. Everyone should have what they wanted most when they were 14, oui? I wanted a Ferrari. Anyone wish to place a wager on whether or not I got what I wanted?

We sincerely hope that everyone is having a healthy and (sufficiently) prosperous year, and hope that you all stay safe and help those around you who may be less fortunate. These are difficult times and the true measure of a man or woman is best taken during times of turmoil. That is when truth will out. Peace.


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

We recently had a Guestbook post from a visitor, which we felt deserved an in-depth reply. Here is our response, along with the points put forth by the poster:

“I really think your missing the boat on your project. I personally thing you should make the comic to be web based project rather than a book. Times gentlemen have changed since you first began with a book based project.”

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and, as we value all input, I thought it would be a good idea to respond to the points you presented. Before I go further, it should probably be noted that KJ’s professional experience is in Marketing/Advertising. His experience encompasses trends not only for the last part of the 20th Century, but well into the current market climate, including the use of the internet to augment sales and activities. That said, he and I both have extensive collections of books and artwork and we appreciate the tactile experience of holding a book or work of art in our hands. We do recognize the changes that have taken place, with regards to digital technology and the attention span of many new readers. However, we are ‘old school’ and know that true collectors of good illustrative art will want to have a concrete object to hold, and to add to their collections. Even some of our younger fans have mentioned how they are looking forward to having something that is not tied to their computer and can be read on sailboat, far from land, without requiring electricity.

KJ and I envision young people propped up on their elbows, smiles spreading across their faces, as they witness the miraculous activities of the Boys of St. Precocious Academy. We even dare to hope that a casually discarded – for a moment only – copy of our work(s) may be discovered by another actively seeking answers to the questions that have made themselves present in his or her thoughts. Can a computer offer this possibility? Perhaps, if one were found digging through someone’s files. It is more likely to occur when a brightly coloured book is found lying about.

“I think now it should be website based where you can set up a the on going story line. I for one don't need a book in my life. Your fans can easily print out the images if they want to and the text.” Added in new message: “I neglected to mention I fully expect it to be a pay as you go site. I'm not asking you to give your hard work away for free.”

Perhaps the addition of a book is of no interest for you, and we appreciate different points of view. The suggestion you put forth would make our site be like any other pay site. Initially, we were approached by many different outfits telling us how we could make money by letting others use our site for advertising, as well as providing links that would provide us with additional money from ‘clicking forward,’ which we summarily dismissed as unappetizing for our fans, and dismal for us. Our site is not about money, although our illustrated tome will be sold at a reasonable price. To offer a ‘Download Now’ option would put us in the same league as the Czech sites offering half-dressed urchins for viewing. A basic review of the internet will demonstrate how often people who download from a site where they had to pay a fee will then post the items for others to consume for free. It is their erroneous assumption that they paid for the goods, so they can do with them as they wish. This copyright-ignorant attitude is the majority mindset on the internet, and we have enough understanding of this to do everything in our power to avoid it, prodigiously. As I mentioned earlier, KJ has a great deal of experience with matters such as this. I am no virgin, either.

In summation, I would suggest that trends are trends, and KJ and I subscribe to the concept that ‘only dead fish flow with the current.’ It’s just the way we are. We do hope that you will enjoy our work in whatever format it is delivered.



Sunday, June 05, 2011

Summer, at last!

In spite of the odd weather around the globe, summer has made its presence known at the studio. Thunderstorms followed hot and humid days, and that can only mean one thing: it's time for the beach! If you haven't already made plans for a visit to a body of water for this activity, we suggest that you do so now. We'll post a new pic or two after you get back from your dip.

Progress is being made, but KJ is due for a small surgery to the eye, so his creative time will be impacted for a while, after the 16th. Nothing major, but bloody inconvenient, from his perspective.

Stay healthy and have some fun.


Friday, May 06, 2011


As many of you know, we are occasionally introduced to new talent, and after the Justin Bieber thing (thank you for not sending his vids to us, by the way), we thought we should save new ones for a later date. Now, we feel like this young lad could use a bit of exposure, and he is very talented. Let us hope that he gets the attention he deserves. Here's a bit of Ryan Beatty performing Bruno Mar's 'Talking to the Moon'...

Remember, if you do like him and visit him on Youtube, be gracious.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

"May the bunny rabbit of happiness fly up your birdbath..."

Don't ask. It's an expression an old friend once used to extend best wishes to others. His sanity was often questioned, although not by us. We're just as demented as was he, as most of you well know.

It being Easter and all, DDM decided to make up a little treat for everyone. You can visit it here, and there will be new images up by Monday night, if KJ can keep his schedule rolling along as intended.

Have a wonderful weekend and please be safe out there.


Friday, April 01, 2011

As promised, no joke...

DDM and I did manage to wind down our four-year project on March 31st, which will now allow us to muck about with writing, comic and other fun pursuits. We greatly enjoyed what we were doing, but we needed to refocus on our creative work, and now we can.

As we mentioned a few days ago, we hoped to add new images, alter pages and otherwise fluff up our site before midnight, tonight (GMT) and it appears that we have managed to do so. Will miracles never cease?

There are new characters to meet, and other changes which we hope everyone will enjoy. We will be devoting more time to sharing our work - now that we have a smidgen more time to spare - so we will be updating regularly. Have a look around, and be sure to poke around in all of the nooks and crannies. You may find all sorts of things hanging about.

We would also like to ask that viewers leave a note on the guestbook, or the blog, if you enjoy our work. Public feedback is always welcome and it's a shame if only DDM and myself get to read the kind words of encouragement we receive in emails. Leave a note, when you can and enjoy.

The emails about David's video were so positive that we felt it would be a shame if it lost its place just by the introduction of a new blog, so we are including it in this blog post, as well:

Remember, you can find the intrepid David Paris (Paris D'Avignon) on Facebook. He's a very gracious lad so get to know him.


Friday, March 25, 2011

No Joke...

DDM and myself are winding down a four-year project on March 31st - one which has taken a huge chunk of our time. It was a challenge we loved and now we can focus on our everyday living, comic and my writing. Ah, summer will be special, this year.

To commemorate our new freedom, we will be posting new material to our site before midnight, on April 1st. There will also be an introduction of new characters we have created as well as further good news: with a small story alteration, Paris D'Avignon will now be introduced near the end of our first issue. One should not have to wait for all good things, should one? And, here is the inspiration for our character to entertain you until the 1st:

You can find the intrepid David Paris (Paris D'Avignon) on Facebook. If David is new to you you can trust us when we suggest that you will enjoy the experience. He's a likable lad, and extremely easy on the eyes.