Saturday, October 08, 2011


Friends, Romans, Countrymen,

If only we had something profound with which to follow such an opening. Ah, well, we are not Marcus Antonius after all. So, we will delve into what is available to us, and you don't have to lend us anything. (If you do not know the reference, then we will want to talk to your history teachers! A scolding will be in order!)

DDM and I took a bit of a holiday at the end of the summer (six weeks), to refresh our batteries. Many life-critical issues were demanding our attention and we managed to conquer most of them. You know how it is - ' life is something that happens while you are busy making other plans.' I don't remember who first spoke this sentiment, but he/she hit the nail on the head. If you are over nine years of age then you will fully understand its logic and profundity.

New images are up in three folders and there are more on the way. I just ran out of steam yesterday, so there will be more over the weekend. With recharged batteries, we are back in the fun of what it is that we do. When we can define what that 'it' is we will share it with y'all. We promise.

One of our fave guys left us, literally, and we want to give a nod to 'the Steve.' What he created helps us everyday and we love what he did for computing. Genius? How about one of the gods?

On a happier note, DDM has a new toy and he'll share aspects of it in some of the images that are coming soon. He has wanted one of these for a while (since he was 14) and now he has it. Everyone should have what they wanted most when they were 14, oui? I wanted a Ferrari. Anyone wish to place a wager on whether or not I got what I wanted?

We sincerely hope that everyone is having a healthy and (sufficiently) prosperous year, and hope that you all stay safe and help those around you who may be less fortunate. These are difficult times and the true measure of a man or woman is best taken during times of turmoil. That is when truth will out. Peace.