Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Fever!!

We have finally found Spring and may it do so, eternally. It is nice to see the flowers bloom, and blue skies without rain approaching. Ah, the green of grasses growing. Boys will out and about in shorts and tees soon, which will add to the beauty of the countryside, of course, and a journey to the sea is in short order, for the cleansing of artistic souls. And, to admire some shorts and tees, of course.

KJ has finished two books and is trying to clean up his punctuation. He hopes to print a few before the summer is over. Something to read at the beach, he thinks.

DDM is stretching his psyche to embrace structure, in the parameters of the comic, and his artistic side is rebelling. The cats are not in danger ............ yet.

Kristophe is percolating and we seem to be on target, although one is never sure until the last minute if a work schedule will be kept (I truly love the way the Brits say, 'shedule.'). At the moment, it seems more important to take in some respite from the workday and motor down to Mont St. Michel, or something fun like that. The summer chariot has just been taken out of mothballs and is desirous of some attention, and a road trip might be fun, after all. We shall see.

In the meantime, have a look around our pages as new images will be coming up, although we are keeping the real goodies for publication, this summer. We must have some surprises, non?

Best to all,


Friday, March 16, 2007

March silliness....

Just a heads up for folks, that if you do not see photos on this page, or the bold highlights are not bold, or your message disappeared, it is not you, nor us. It is the inevitable incompetence of the Googlers, in putting out a product change that is so FUBAR that it will take them eons to sort it out. Such an intelligent little quorum, they are. Ah, but that is the new business model of the 21st century - a certain level of greed and incompetence is to be expected. After all, they have new toys to show us, and whether or not they work is irrelevant, and highly irreverent, in our opinion.

Enough ranting, and now to the fun stuff. We've been hard at work, though not accomplishing much, and exploring opportunities as they arise. We found a new site, ComicSpace where the pros in the business of making comics have decided to hang out. The people we have met would blow any aspiring comic-creator's mind, and ours were sufficiently discombobulated, after we toured their galleries. We've posted some of our work at Kristophe at CS with a couple of new images, as well. Yep, we're testing everyone to see if y'all actually do read our blog.

Kristophe is doing well, and we still think we are on target for the summer of 2007 for its release. We are looking for a good printer in Europe, if anyone knows of one who will do limited runs, or POD.

KJ has finished more of his other writing and will hopefully have a book or two out this summer, or fall, as well. The editing seems to be causing him to pull out his hair, so the cats avoid him at all costs. Thankfully, he has two other books he is still working on in which to immerse himself and stabilize his sanity.

DDM is still gnawing on his pencils and trying to get the words puce and persimmon out of his vocabulary - along with vermilion - at least for the moment. He has been buried with concerns about colouring, lately, as well as where he wants to holiday, this summer. Budding flowers in the garden can make one think of things such as this. The studio actually had only forty minutes of snow, this winter. And the powers-that-be (of the earthly variety) poo-pooed Al Gore's warning about global warming. Idiots. If they only knew...

All in all, we're coping and working and we hope everyone else is having fun, too.