Saturday, February 08, 2014


We hope that everyone had a safe and joyous holiday and that the new year is bringing you all that you deserve.  For those of you who have been unkind, this may not be something to which you should look forward. 

As you may have noticed, we posed a question, in October, as to whether or not our visitors would like to see the comic as we go along, online, with some gaps (to keep a bit of mystery for the end product) and we opened the lines of communication to receive feedback regarding this opportunity.  To our surprise, and, admittedly our disappointment, the response was almost nonexistent.  Less than .002% of the unique hits we receive each month offered an opinion for us to consider, via email and our Guestbook.  Mind you, we are not complaining in the least, as it would require an enormous amount of additional work for us to provide this special addition to our website.  However, we had thought that there would be more interest in seeing the progress we are making.

The end result is that those who did take the time to submit their opinion were overwhelmingly in favor of us continuing as we have in the past and save the comic for print publication.  Being of a somewhat democratic mindset, and in keeping with our pledge, we are honoring their participation with the outcome for which they voted: we will wait and produce the comic for print, instead.

It brings home the point that should be stressed in this time of NSA excrementus maximus and other heinous activities of our governments, worldwide: if we wish to see something come to fruition it is up to us to participate and make these things happen.  The world will only change when we all participate at our highest level(s).


KJ & DDM  

Post Script:  There will be new images posted in several folders over the coming weeks, so be sure to have a thorough look around, when you visit.