Friday, December 08, 2006

Happy Holidays, and other news...

We finally got the text up for the images, and our Christmas card should be up this weekend, as well as a few more images of our subjects, backgrounds, etc. Building our website (Kristophe) has been great fun, and though a bit of a challenge, too, well worth the effort. We would like to thank everyone for their incredible support and kind words, and we hope you all will continue to visit us and watch our progress. And to our visitors and friends we wish you a Happy and Safe Holiday season!


  1. Thanks, my friends!
    I wish you wonderful holidays too...
    Your boys are so sweet for me. Classmates are magnificent, but Honey Bun " (Artemus) makes me mad. You are dangerous artists... ---)))

  2. De rien, mon ami! We are happy you enjoy our work, and we hope you will have a wonderful holiday.

  3. Saw your y!gallery post.

    Scotch, eh? I knew it. You underSTAND the good things of life.

    Love the site, still. I check back periodically to see what's going on.

    Glad you're blogging now.

    Peace and holiday cheer!

  4. Lovely web site! I've loved your work since I first found it on Y! Gallery. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday with many happy returns!

  5. Chron, thank you for the holiday greetings, and for visiting our site. This week we have been involved in other tasks, so new images will go up this weekend. (Scotch is a necessity, is it not?)

    And, Mike, thank you for your kind comments and holiday wishes!

  6. Kudos again for your site, though i prefer thumbs showing reduced version of whole images rath than fragemntary ones... But since theya e your imges it's always worth have a look of them!
    Also best of wishes to you and not only because of the season, but for your wonderful artness and inspiring attitude!

  7. Merci, Slumovsky, and best wishes to you and yours for the coming New Year.